Interesting sights in Bali than Kuta and Ubud which is worth a visit is "Tanah Lot". Tanah Lot tourist attraction located not so far from the attractions of Kuta and Sanur. About an hour's drive from Kuta or one and a half hour from the village of Ubud Gianyar. Routes to the beach location very easily traversed by bus or private car. If you ask where is the famous beaches in Bali, one of which is this beach.

Tanah Lot Bali beach - Tourist Attractions Favorites

Location Tanah Lot beach in the village of Braban, Tabanan. The village is a coastal managers provide wide parking area. From the parking area visitors must pass through the path to get to the beach location. The admission price for adults for local tourists is Rp 10.000 per person, while children Rp 7.500 per person. Just as in other favorite tourist attraction, admission to foreign tourists also differ. Foreign tourists Tickets for adults Rp 30,000 per person, and children Rp 15,000 per person. Entrance tickets opened at 7:00 to 19:00.

A temple stands majestically on a rock on the beach. In accordance with the place, the temple is named the temple of Tanah Lot. A holy place for Hindu people of Bali are very guarded sacredness, not everyone who comes allowed into the temple area. Only those who have a goal to pray, permitted entry and must use a scarf. If it was high tide, to get to the temple area, must ride the boat, because the seawater exceeds 2 meters compared to about 0.5 meters at low tide.

Beauty Panorama Sunset

Towards the afternoon tourists began to arrive. Sinking sun went beautify the atmosphere. You will not be in vain to take the time from Kuta or Nusa Dua heading to the Tanah Lot beach. Twilight is so impressive charm with Kecak dance performances enliven the atmosphere that adds to the beauty of the Tanah Lot beach. Only by paying Rp 50.000 for all ages, you can see dance around 17:30 pm. Dancers numbering more than 20 people and most of the men. In the spirit, the dancers shout "cak ... cak ... cak ..." broke the silence.

Along the road to the beach, available shops selling souvenirs typical of Bali. If you feel thirsty and hungry you can buy coconut ice, snacks, which are available at food stalls around the Tanah Lot beach. The price is almost the same as a tourist attraction in Bali others. Lodging facilities are available ranging than budget to five-star grade. The closer to the beach then the price is more expensive.

Tabanan regency government is very concerned potentials. Evidenced by the access roads have been repaired, there is always a call to maintain the cleanliness, safety and comfort. Do not forget to taste the original culinary Tabanan namely klepon cake made of glutinous rice contains brown sugar and grated coconut in it.


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