Sempu Island Tourism in Malang is one of the natural attractions worth visiting. Sempu island has a compelling main attraction, "Segara Anakan". A beach on the island with white sand and has an area of 4 ha. The water in the lagoon is derived from sea water which separated by rocks.

Sempu Island tourist area is predominantly covered by tropical trees covering an area of 877 ha, this is a nature reserve which directly managed by the Natural Resources Conservation Center East Java (BBKSDA) and the Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia.

With enjoy sightseeing in Sempu Island, you will get to experience a memorable adventure in the heart. Visiting the lagoon on the island of Sempu, then pitched a tent for the night on the banks of the lagoon will present an intimate atmosphere in the middle of a dense tropical forest. Swimming in the lagoon and play at the edges is an interesting activity that is not overlooked.

Tourist attractions in Sempu Island administratively is part of the Village Pond Rejo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan, Malang. To get Sempu Island, you have to arrive first at Sendang Biru Beach, Malang. From Sendang Biru beach, you can hire a boat that will take you to arrive in the tourist area of Sempu Island.

Enchantment Island Tourism Sempu

Travel to the island Sempu not as easy as you might think. It is a natural adventure that you must pass in order to get there, especially if you want to get Segara Anakan. From Sendang Biru Beach, you have to cross a strait.

Furthermore, when you have arrived at Teluk Semut in Sempu Island, then you have to go on for 2 hours roam the dense forest, the path is steep, until finally arriving at the lagoon. Has provided trekking to help you arrive.

No hotel or guesthouse accommodation even in the tourist area of this Sempu Island. It is a tropical forest filled with dense trees. Instead of camping on the island of Sempu is an interesting thing. Camped on the outskirts of the lagoon, relax, play and swim, and enjoy the panorama around is a small part of some exciting activities on the natural place. You like to get intimate private atmosphere in the midst of nature.

If you have arrived on the island of Sempu, you can visit some interesting places in Sempu Island, including Waru-waru Beach, Telaga Lele (Catfish Wells) , Gua Macan (Tiger Cave), Pasir Panjang Beach, Pasir Kembar Beach and Fresh Water Beach. They will be presenting to you a nature adventure so memorable.

If you want to camp, make sure the availability of logistics, food and beverage, has been fulfilled. When in Sendang Biru Beach, make sure it is not forgotten. Also, you must enroll in post nature reserve in Sendang Biru Beach to obtain a camping permit.

However, prior to entering the tourist area Sempu Island, you have to have special permission to enter because Sempu island is a conservation area. That is, one of the tourist attractions in Malang, is a protected area.

You can obtain this permission to come to the office BBKSDA East Java (Surabaya), or the office of Capital Ownership KSDA Region III (Jember), or also office Region Conservation Section VI (Probolinggo). With this permit, then you can take a trip to the tourist attractions of Sempu Island.

Transportation Sempu Island Tourism

Sempu Island tourist area is located approximately 80 km from the city of Malang. If from Surabaya, is about 180 miles and spent 3 hours.

If you have arrived in the city of Malang, it takes 3 hours in order to arrive in Sendang Biru Beach. From this beach you will hire a boat that will take you to Teluk Semut in the Sempu Island. Boat rental fees in Sempu Island is Rp 100 thousand per person. You can ask the clerk at the post directly on a nature reserve in Sendang Biru Beach if you want to get information about Sempu Island.


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