The List Name of Hidden Beaches in Bali

There are advantages if you vacation to hidden beaches in Bali, such as not crowded and the atmosphere of unspoiled beach. If there is excess then there must be a shortage.

Shortage if hidden beach holiday in Bali as a steep access road, had to descend the stairs, lack of food stalls if there is still a traditional shop.

The area of southern Bali has many hidden beaches and many who have not been publicized to the public because of lack of adequate road access.

A large part of the southern coast of Bali is under the steep cliffs and white sand beaches clean. If you ever vacation to the beach of Pandawa Bali, as this is the view and the sand on the southern coast of Bali.

Before the existence and construction of access roads in Padawa beach, beach of Pandawa also includes one of the hidden beaches in Bali.

Green Bowl Beach / Coast Bali Cliff

This beach is located in an area Unggasan, Southern Kuta, Badung. South Bali area is a hilly area that is in direct contact with the beach area. As well as this Green Bowl Beach, a beautiful beach that lies hidden veiled and secluded behind a hill and grove of trees, so it's only natural beach is also called the Hidden Beach, whose beauty is hidden and not much visited by tourists.

A hotel on the cliff called Bali Cliff standing here, so the beach is often also called the coast of Bali Cliff. While Green Bowl name itself means a green bowl is taken from the name of the company that once had plans to build hotel in this region, in addition to the low tide from the top of the hill will look like a bowl made of corals green.

Now that more often we hear is the Green Bowl Beach, because most frequent here are foreign guests who do surf, making it easy to remember. To reach the beach as well as other beaches in the region, we have to pass through hundreds of steps, which would require extra power, newly arrived at the top of the hill we're treated to beautiful scenery makes us curious to get closer. Arriving at the beach, fatigue was paid at the sight of this beach are absolutely beautiful, clean white sand and hidden behind a cluster of hills Unggasan. If you are an adventurous and want to enjoy the exotic beaches and different from the others it's here.

Every corner offers beautiful beaches, in the vicinity there is a small cave inhabited by bats, lush trees around the site which occasionally appear apes, combined panoramic exotic beaches, crystal-clear sea water, with a quiet atmosphere, making visitors fall in love with and comfortable in here. For those who crave peace of mind and atmosphere. This area is still empty and only dominated by surfers, while the current Green Bowl Beach is suitable called rarely visited tourist attraction.

Typical beach like this, many in search of the traveler, to get a perfect tranquility, with more privacy, quiet atmosphere gives the impression of more privacy, beaches in the South region is usually delivered the barrier reef, this is not surprising because of the shoreline borders and direct contact with the foot of the hill.


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