Bali Waterfalls!

Have you visited the waterfalls when on holiday to Bali? Or maybe you do not know if there is waterfalls in Bali? Indeed, there are many tourists who knows if there are waterfalls in Bali. At most tourists only know Gitgit Waterfall is located not so far from the tourist area of Bedugul. Not many people know the existence of other waterfalls. Though Bali has many beautiful waterfalls scattered in various corners of the island. If we counted the numbers there are dozens. Most of waterfalls are located in the region of North Bali (Buleleng). With a hilly region and many mountains, making Buleleng has many waterfalls. However, waterfalls in Bali not only in Buleleng. There is also waterfalls in the other districts. Here are eight of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali are worth your visit when on holiday to Bali. The seventh waterfalls lying scattered in various corners of Bali. Do not forget, prepare stamina when will visit various waterfalls following, because you will pass fairly challenging terrain and had to go up and down stairs.
Sekumpul Waterfall touted as the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. It is located quite close to Lemukih Waterfall, approximately only 2 km. Understandably, Sekumpul village and the neighboring village of Lemukih indeed. To see Sekumpul Waterfall, it takes a bit of effort and struggle. From the parking area, you have to walk quite far away, down a road that ground, down hundreds of steps, and across the river. If you ride a motorcycle, you can still ride from the parking area (near the ticket booth), until at the end of the road paving. Once finished paving, road turned into a narrow dirt road (footpath). Not long down the path, you came at a gazebo with views of Sekumpul Waterfall outstanding.

From the gazebo, Sekumpul Waterfall looks very beautiful in the distance. Which makes this waterfall is different from most of the waterfall, Sekumpul Waterfall not only consist of one or two waterfalls. There are at least seven waterfalls are located separate and apart, that you can see from the gazebo. Seven waterfalls are scattered in the high cliffs and surrounded by green trees soothing eye. Seventh waterfall has a shape and different heights. Truly amazing. Not one indeed, if Sekumpul Waterfall crowned as the most beautiful waterfall in Bali.

Of the seven waterfalls in Sekumpul Waterfall, only two waterfalls that you can go closer. Interestingly, two waterfalls are located side by side have different heights and water discharge. Two waterfall is derived from two different springs. Waterfall on the left comes from the spring while a waterfall on the right (higher) derived from the river. In the rainy season, the waterfall on the left remains clear while the waterfall on the right will be a murky brown.

For approaching Sekumpul Waterfall, you have to descend hundreds of steps are steep in some places and crossed the river. We recommend you wear shorts and sandals are comfortable when visiting Sekumpul Waterfall because you have to cross the river to get in front of the waterfall. It takes a bit of effort to reach this beautiful waterfall. However, my struggle paid off when I got close to the waterfall is 80 meters high. Splashing sound of water falling and splashing water splashing create an atmosphere of calm and reassuring. Shady trees around the waterfall makes the atmosphere more cool and beautiful. Anyone will surely fall in love with Sekumpul Waterfall.

Getting There

We encourage you to visit Sekumpul Waterfall after visiting Lemukih, because Sekumpul Waterfall distance is only about 2 miles from Lemukih Waterfall. From Lemukih Waterfall continue your journey to the village of Sekumpul. After seeing the signpost to Waterfall on the right road, turn left as far as 1 mile and arrived at the parking lot Sekumpul Waterfall. Furthermore, you are a short walk to reach the waterfall.


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