Tourist attractions Weh Island is a tourist attraction in Aceh which unknown to many tourists, especially tourists in the country. However, for those lovers of sea travel, Weh Island is a well known tourist spot because it is one of the diving and surfing.

Iboih Beach, that is located in Weh Island, is a beach frequented by those who want to dive. You can enjoy the beauty beneath the sea in Weh Island, including along the traces of nature are separates the island of Sabang of the island of Sumatra. Due to the strong sea waves, Weh Island also be exciting surfing spot in Aceh.

Holidays in the town of Sabang Weh Island

Dive spots in Weh Island eg Marine Park on the island of Rubiah. Here you will find an amazing variety of marine animals, including sharks, whales, dolphins, turtles, and manta rays.

Based the amount of information obtained, experience diving in Weh Island is one of the best in Indonesia. The beauty of the underwater world can be equated with Raja Ampat marine tourism is famous for. That is why diving lovers come to the tourist attractions of this sea....

Weh Island Tourism has beautiful coral reefs. One of the interesting places in Aceh is located on the western side of the map Indonesia. Weh Island is located in the path of the entrance to the Strait of Malacca, thus not surprisingly you will find quite a lot of cruise ships or yachts passing in the sea area of Weh Island. Of course, this is a pretty good view while down and enjoy sightseeing in Sabang Weh island.

Enjoy a tour of Weh Island will take you on a fun beach life. You can choose lodgings, from the most simple to the luxurious.

There is a wooden hut that you can rent at a very cheap cost, also there is even bungalows costly if that is what you want. There are many guesthouses for travel enthusiasts who arrived in Weh Island.

You can enjoy a swing bed nets tied between coconut trees while enjoying panoramic views of the beach and surrounding life. If you take a right on the beach, you might be surprised just how crystal clear sea water is located on the island. Moonlight reflections at nightfall will increasingly add to the exotic sights in Weh Island. A highly efficient travel experience!

But, I do not know what causes why people are still not many came to Aceh to enjoy sightseeing in this Weh Island. The most logical reason is the lack of information that expose the beauty of sea travel and an interesting variety of water activities in the Weh Island.

As a result, the Indonesian public still do not know one of the many attractions in Aceh. However, Weh Island travel trends are increasing with the development of infrastructure and local government efforts there. It's an exciting thing of course.

Visit Sabang means you have set foot in the Zero Kilometer of Indonesia. There, standing monument signifying this. This monument is named as Monument "Zero Kilometer of Indonesia" . To explore Sabang and the beach there, actually most favor by walking, taxis are also available if you need. Minibus already exist, motorcycles and even a three-wheeled rickshaws are also available to take you exploring the island of Sabang. You can also rent a car.

Exploring the island of Weh will take you to places of interest in Sabang like waterfalls, volcanoes, hot water, bunkers Japan in World War II, the historic cemetery, sacred Durian, and the town of Sabang.

Shopping in Weh Island (Sabang)

Characteristic of souvenirs from this area is creative products made from coconut wood. Maybe you want to buy as a souvenir, or to give to your friends, family, or couples. You can visit the traditional markets to get fresh fruits and snacks. There dodol (sweets made from a particular flour, sugar, palm sugar and sometimes fruit), chips, cookies, and bread (typical of this island) that you can buy.

Transportation to Weh Island (Sabang)

If you are from Banda Aceh, then you can use the ferry in the morning in the port of Ulee Lheue and will arrive at the beach Gapang. Using the ferry will take a few hours, it is different if use the speedboat which takes about 45 minutes. If you are from Medan, of course you have to go to Banda Aceh in advance, can take a bus or plane.


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